Ultimate Rolling Bliss: Podlix Papers and Trays Review

Hey there fellow rolling enthusiasts! I recently had the chance to get my hands on some rolling essentials from Podlix, and boy, was it a game-changer for my smoking sessions. I’ll be breaking down my experience with Podlix’s Elements Rolling Papers and various OCB rolling papers, as well as the OCB Bamboo Tray. So, grab your rolling supplies and let’s dive in!

Elements 900 1 1/4 Rice Cones (with Gallery Box)

Let’s start with the Elements 900 1 1/4 Rice Cones. These ultra-thin, unbleached, unrefined rolling papers are a real treat for any connoisseur. The gallery box is a nifty bonus for keeping your cones in top shape. I love how these papers are super thin, allowing for a clean and even burn. They’re also made from rice, which gives a unique flavor to your herbs. The 26mm filter tips are a great addition, making the rolling process smooth and mess-free. My only complaint is that it’s easy to use them up because they’re so enjoyable!

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OCB Premium 1 1/4 Rolling Paper & Tips

Next up, I tried the OCB Premium 1 1/4 Rolling Paper & Tips. This one comes in a convenient 3-pack with 50 papers and tips in each pack. The papers are a nice thickness and provide an even burn. The included tips are a huge plus for those who prefer a filter. They’re just the right size, easy to roll, and don’t interfere with the flavor of your herbs. These are solid all-around papers, but I found myself leaning more towards the Elements for a thinner paper and slightly more distinct flavor. You can get the OCB Premium Papers

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OCB Bamboo Tray

Now, let’s talk about the OCB Bamboo Tray. This tray is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The bamboo gives it a unique, eco-friendly vibe, and the size is perfect for rolling. It’s large enough to comfortably accommodate your rolling papers, filters, and herbs, but not too bulky. The only downside is that the bamboo surface is a bit harder to clean than a regular metal or plastic tray, but the natural feel and look more than make up for it. You can grab the OCB Bamboo.

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COB Organic Hemp 1 1/4 Rolling Papers

Moving on to the OCB Organic Hemp 1 1/4 Rolling Papers, another 3-pack bundle. These papers are made from organic hemp, which adds a pleasant earthy note to your smoke. They’re ultra-thin and slow-burning, making them perfect for a relaxed session. I found these papers to be a great balance between the thicker OCB Premium and the ultra-thin Elements. They don’t overpower the taste of your herbs and have an easy roll. You can check out the OCB Organic.

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OCB Slim King Organic Rolling Papers

Last but not least, the OCB Slim King Organic Rolling Papers. These papers are on the slim side, which is great if you prefer smaller joints. The organic aspect of these papers enhances the natural taste of your herbs, and they roll like a dream. I appreciate the slow burn, ensuring a long and enjoyable smoke. The slim design might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s perfect for those who like to savor their herbs. You can find the OCB Slim King Papers

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In conclusion, Podlix offers a great selection of rolling papers and accessories to cater to different preferences. I highly recommend the Elements 900 1 1/4 Rice Cones for a unique and delightful experience. The OCB papers are also excellent choices, depending on your thickness and flavor preferences. Don’t forget to grab the OCB Bamboo Tray for a stylish and practical rolling surface.

Happy rolling, my friends, and enjoy your smoke sessions with these fantastic products from Podlix!

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