At It’s Me and You, one of our pride and joys is that we are home to a powerful brand portfolio, from iconic fashion and lifestyle properties to some of the most dynamic voices in the worlds of health, nutrition, entrepreneurship, and wellness. We are committed to being innovative in a bold way in a media landscape that is constantly changing.

Our core values lie in the authentic engagement between our audiences and brands. This is a connection that we drive through accurate data and premium storytelling expertise – this is also the same approach that we use to help your business meet its needs.

We offer various business solutions that span nearly every platform available to you, from social media and digital sites, to OTT, to print, experiential, and much more. If you are interested in advertising with It’s Me and You, don’t hesitate to give our marketing team a call. We’ll be more than happy to walk you through all of the options that are available to you.

Advertising in print or digital magazines in the 21st century might seem like a pointless endeavor, especially considering that social media and television advertisements reach millions more consumers. However, the reality is that the magazine industry is actually doing just fine, with new magazines constantly popping up and thriving. If you’re not sure about whether advertising with It’s Me and You is the right choice for you, consider some of the benefits that this marketing strategy can yield.

Safety & Comfort

The days when people were able to click on internet advertisements and not have to worry about viruses, phishing or other hacking attacks are long gone. Now, people are taught early on to be wary of every ad that they see when surfing the web because they can never really know if one of those ads could ruin their computers and attack their personal information.

However, when it comes to print advertisements, this problem vanishes. The simple fact that you paid for an advertisement in an established publication like It’s Me and You already bolsters your legitimacy. Moreover, your adverts have the potential to be even more effective if your target demographic happens to be the older generations. These people spend the least amount of time online and are most comfortable with using traditional media – including magazines.

Regional Focus

Most digital magazines like It’s Me and You are international publications, with focuses placed on specific regions. If you are targeting consumers from a specific location, you can create budget-friendly, effective advertisements in a specific area. This effectiveness is boosted by the fact that many people are dedicated to their local magazines, so latching onto their brand can give your business a whole lot more credibility.

Additionally, because we are also a digital format magazine, we are able to help you reach even more customers thanks to the traffic that we receive on our website each day—more on that in a moment.

Digital Issues Receive More Traffic

While there are a lot of benefits to be had from relying on the physical format of print advertisements, there’s no denying that digital advertisements get a lot of traffic due to their nature as internet-based ads. Half of the world’s population is on the internet nowadays, and billions of people visit websites such as ours each month.

It’s Me and You receives thousands of online visitors daily, which could translate to thousands of impressions for your advertisements each day. This could mean a whole lot of revenue and ROI, and any good marketing strategist will preach to you the benefits that online advertising can provide.

Understanding the demographics of readers and distribution system and making sure that both coincide with your target market is always a good strategy. This is also a highly important factor in choosing which magazine is right for you. Still, there’s no doubt in our minds that you will find It’s Me and You to be a fantastic candidate for your advertising programs.

Extended Shelf Life

With television advertising, an ad spot runs on the TV, and then it’s over. The same goes for radio advertisements, and the daily newspaper is sent to the rubbish in the evening. Magazines, on the other hand, are persistent. They can live on a coffee table for months or in a doctor’s waiting room for even longer.

After a buyer has finished reading a print magazine, they might give it to their family members to read, donate it to a local library, or give it to a friend. This means that your ability to sell can endure long after you have paid for your advertising space.

This is where the true power of magazine advertising lies and is why It’s Me and You is more than happy to work with you and help you bolster your business and expand your reach.